Web Applications We can Integrate a Variety of Applications into your Custom Web site.
Successful Web sites encourage visitor interaction. Participating users are engaged, interested and more likely to leave the site with a positive and lasting impression. IIMS can enhance the effectiveness of your Web site with interactive Web Applications including:

For every application we build, we create a clear blueprint or specifications document that details the technology, architecture, database, programming, Ecommerce, hardware, software, and connectivity requirements needed for achieving your specific business goals.

Searchable DatabasesSearchable Databases
CND can make information you store in a database directly available to your Web site visitors with flexible searching capabilities. We have built calendar applications, membership databases, product searches and much more.

Custom Ecommerce Solutions
Use CNDís Secure Shopping Cart System or let us help you develop a custom Ecommerce solution to fit your needs. We have built dozens of successful storefronts on the Web for our clients.

Remote Administration ToolsRemote Administration Tools
CND can build Web site maintenance tools that enable employees to post, edit and delete content and online product offerings easily, conveniently, and without knowledge of html.

Contests, Surveys & Games
CND has the programming experience to build a wide variety of custom interactive applications. Surveys and contests can be used to collect valuable information from visitors (e.g., preferences, demographics) in order to more effectively assist you in future online and offline sales and marketing campaigns.

Custom Bulletin BoardsCustom Bulletin Boards and Portals
Our Bulletin Board application can provide your Web site with an online discussion area where viewers can read and post messages regarding a topic of interest.

Site Search Engines
We use Microsoft Index Server to provide a simple way to find information on your Web site. This customizable search engine provides a more efficient means of locating specific information on larger Web sites without descending the hierarchy of pages.

Personalized Content Delivery
Use a database of customer preferences and historical marketing information to create personalized Web site content that encourages users to return for subsequent visits.

Web Site Analysis Tools
CND also develops strategies for you to identify trends among your users. We design custom forms for your Web site that will allow you to capture age, gender, education, occupation, location and product/ service request information. We have built tools to help you sort and analyze this information, and make sound design and business decisions based on it.

Let CND work with you to build Web applications that add functionality to your Web site.

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